Artist Statement


     I consider myself lucky to have been born to gardeners. My family's backyard was my first studio. I learned how to tend the soil, add nutrients and turn it over, creating a rich bed for seeds to be tucked in. Like the garden ground, my paintings begin with cultivating the surface. Layers of collaged paper and paint establish the potential of the canvas. I build them up, literally water, cut back, then add and dig some more. The seed or inspiration that becomes the subject matter, flowers from the textures, colors, marks, and spaces developed from tending those layers. Mountains shoot up in my earthy-hued landscape works. In my abstract pieces, I depict what I imagine is Nature’s energetic dance animating life with colorful forms, lyrical lines, in fathomless depth. I sow into other paintings, images and emotions yielded from memories, music, special people and places. The process is what sustains me. I love to get my hands dirty tending to my work with patience and persistence. I hope my paintings, like harvests at the end of a season, provide the viewer with renewed energy, focus, and opportunity for reverie and joy.