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Christopher Murray was born in Troy, New York in 1972. He is the oldest of five children and ever since his twin brothers were born, he began fighting for attention. Making art got him attention. Murray studied graphic design in college for a short time but ditched it because he didn’t want to use “those fancy new computers” (early 1990’s). He liked to get his hands dirty and couldn’t see himself working at a desk to make art. So he changed his major to art education because: (1) he learned how to boss his siblings around and really liked it, (2) he would have summers off - to make art of course, (3) he gets to perform several times a day to different audiences, oops, students, and (4) he couldn’t imagine being a fine artist eating ketchup for dinner with a straw because he couldn’t sell artwork to afford decent meals. After twenty-seven years of making and teaching art, he's still torturing himself via the creative process.

Murray’s artwork has included photorealistic flower paintings in oil, mountain images constructed of collaged newspapers, abstract, gestural drawings and paintings in charcoal or acrylic, and mixed-media pieces inspired by 20th century poster design. Chris lives in Niskayuna, New York.

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